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Innovation in our product lines and our production processes is the key to our business culture

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Debido a le gran demanda de nuestro rele inversor hemos incluido para el relevador de estado solido diagrama anexo.






Pueden consultar tambien nuestro rele de estado solido datasheet para relevador de estado solido pdf

Ahora tenemos en nuestra tienda los mejores precios para rele trifasico, rele de estado solido para corriente continua, rele estado solido paso por cero, relé inversor de motor,  rele inversor barato.

Rele de estado solido

Durante los primeros meses de este año estarán disponibles para nuestros clientes nuevos productos de marca Relequick© de la mejor calidad, al precio más competitivo y con el mejor servicio de entrega y postventa.

apv relequick

El certificado SSL ya está instalado en nuestros servidores y usted dispone de acceso https://  a nuestras páginas para que conecte  con nosotros de forma totalmente segura.  En Relequick® trabajamos para ofrecer siempre a nuestros clientes productos y servicios de calidad.

10 Enero 2017

¡Queridos amigos! Si estás interesado en formar parte de una empresa innovadora y participar en nuestros emocionantes y nuevos proyectos para este 2015 no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nostros. Puedes enviarnos tu CV a través de nuestro correo electrónico: Suerte.

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Full service development

We develop your ideas

We have been developing programmable electronic control modules for the automation and monitoring of industrial processes for more than 10 years, which has given us competitive advantages that differentiate us from what is currently on the market. You are many clients that expose us to solve specific applications, so in RELEQUICK we have made space in the development of custom engineering, with such cover the specific needs of each of you and also ensure greater integration and customization of our products .

You have a problem? Ask us, we will give you solution.

What we offer?

  • Study and evaluation of projects.
  • Advanced technical development of the project and its documentation.
  • Assembly, testing and start-up of the project.
  • Testing of control and measurement under specification.

For this, in RELEQUICK we have our own engineering area, formed by a team of qualified engineers and willing to contribute our own to solve the problems that may arise to each of our customers.

A proactive and creative attitude, continuous training in the latest technologies together with a capacity to solve both software and hardware projects, are the basis and essence of the group's success.

Contact us, without obligation.

Tell us what you need and leave the rest to us.

A specific software tailored to your needs

Each time you are more the clients that request us the employment of small modules easy to install and program, with a certain degree of sophistication, that allow to correctly satisfy a wide range of requirements and applications. This high degree of sophistication translates into an acceleration of communications between different devices, simplicity in the monitoring of processes and above all in the versatility of installation.
Embedded software in high capacity and low cost microprocessors
We develop multiplatform programs, whose codes are clean, clear and updatable, where communications (I2C, USB, MODBUS or BLUETOOTH) provide added value compared to other competing devices. We use the latest generation microcontrollers, usually 8, 16 and 32 bits (for larger projects), which are the main component of each device we develop, because it manages both the execution and communication capacity of this module.

Control from different devices

In RELEQUICK we think that it is the company that must adapt to the needs of the market, and not the other way around. So we could not stay behind in the use of mobile technology in the industrial sector. We have professionals in the field of mobile applications, which gives us the ability to monitor all kinds of industrial processes, from timings, openings and closures, to the control of the level of a deposit, all from the screen of a smartphone or tablet.

We develop applications for ANDROID given its market share and the great potential offered by this platform.

We also continue developing desktop applications for Windows based on Visual Basic and .NET.

A custom assembly

From RELEQUICK we offer support in any of the tasks implicit in a hardware development project: from the analysis of the project, definition of specifications and needs, through the design of schematics, placement and routing, PCBs from 2 to 8 layers, components and assembly, manufacture of electronic equipment both at the level of prototypes, as well as small and medium series, until the supervision and monitoring of the final production. We offer, among others:

Analog, digital and power electronics.

Hardware optimized and prepared to house the specific software (embedded system).

Feeding in low, high and multi-voltage, for different levels.

Assembly of subassemblies and wiring thereof.

Assembly of conventional insertion (TH) and / or surface (SMD) PCBs.

Verification and electrical testing.

Quality assurance standards (ISO-9001), AQAP, EMI and EMC are applied, among others.

To carry out laboratory analysis tests, we have equipment from leading brands: TEKTRONIX, HP, FLUKE, etc., these being the latest generation equipment: polymers, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, signal generators, analysis and measurement software, as well as those specific equipment that the client requires for their functional tests.

We also have a large number of strategic suppliers in terms of components and materials, having established a close relationship with them for the manufacture of each product during these years, which allows us to use simpler components and therefore adjusted to the needs of each project.

About Relequick

Our history

Relequick is a modern Spanish brand dedicated to produce and commercialise high-quality industrial electric and electronic components, mainly electromechanical and solid state relays, connection sockets, industrial control and automation modules.

Our vision

Relequick’s vision is based on technological innovation. By exploring new techniques and strategies we are constantly trying to generate wealth and employment of quality, and at the same time contribute to the design of new environmentally friendly products with the latest innovations. We are always trying to develop and improve our products and processes in a customer-oriented vision, so that we can offer our customers products of the highest quality and versatility.

This development is also complemented by international collaborations that lead to technological and commercial exchanges that increase our competitivity. As a result of this effort, Relequick® has been able to patent some exclusive designs that grant our products large competitive advantages when compared to alternative products in the market.

Terms of sale

First, all merchandise will be considered delivered and made available to the buyer at the time of departure from our facilities, always traveling at the buyer’s risk and expense, even if they have been shipped with freight prepaid, and accepting only as valid amounts, weights and measures Registered at the time of leaving our premises.
Delivery of the goods
The delivery of the goods does not imply the transfer of ownership to the buyer, until he has made all of his payment, the buyer remaining until that moment, as his depositary and subject to all legal prescriptions in this regard. The drafts, receipts or any other form of payment, are only a means to facilitate compliance and your shipment does not change the address of the property, which is established at the registered office of SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. For all legal purposes. The buyer agrees that for each of the shipments of merchandise that are made, in the event that partial shipments are stipulated, the corresponding invoice is issued.
Replacement of the material
SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL will take care of the replacement of the material that presents some manufacturing defect. The material must be returned on behalf of the customer to the address provided at the time for this purpose SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT S.L. In its original packaging and with a copy of the purchase invoice. Claims for defects in goods that are not formulated in writing and received within fifteen days of the placing or delivery of the same to the buyer will not be honored. The customer will be charged the costs of review and the costs of collection and forwarding of the units that after being analyzed do not present failures.
Those units analyzed in which a fault is found (provided they have not been manipulated by the customer), will be answered and sent back to the client in the shortest possible time without generating any cost for the client.
SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL in no case will be responsible for any damages that may be caused by your products due to use, defect or damage. In the event that any merchandise is considered to be defective, the buyer will only have the right to have it replaced, or failing that, to cancel the entire operation if it would be of interest to SPAIN AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT SL being charged to the client the expenses that said cancellation originates, and excluding any other type of indemnification to the buyer.
For all matters arising from the basic operation of this document, the parties expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of Madrid with a waiver of their rights and domiciles. The acceptance of the goods implies the full agreement of the buyer with all these general conditions of sale and the special ones of each mercantile operation, even in the case of contrary clauses included in its own general conditions of purchase.


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